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Facebook Customer Support Phone Number - +1-800-382-3046

Does an actual Facebook Customer Service Phone Number really exist, or is it a figment of someone’s imagination? Is it because frustrations with the site, and its’ improprieties that people feel it must exist as a solution to the frustration? When researching Facebook Support Phone Number, one finds a bevy of responses, but as you read on, you find it is an illusion.

Compared to a mirage of a desert oasis of someone languishing the desert and has been water deprived for a period of time, the pool of water visualized exists only in the mindset of desperation. So then must be the Facebook Customer Support Phone Number, right? Most of us in today’s world are accustomed to instant gratification, and relying on someone else for our problem resolutions

Acclaims are made through blogs on numerous websites of an existing number, and yet no one has proclaimed success in accessing it to the point that they have a live person to converse with. Just as disappointing as the lack of phone numbers is that links to access Facebook customer service online seems to continuously change, thus increasing the number of harsh comments and critiques found regarding their services.


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One of the prime reasons given for Facebook not having a Facebook Customer Support Phone Number is that the service is free, and you do not pay. One frustrated customer summed up his position on the matter by saying” I do not like ‘it is free’ and ‘we are not paying for facebook’ excuses for no customer service as every dime of facebooks revenue is generated by the mere presence of us free users. Without the member accounts, even though non-paying, facebook would not exist. Members=money. So, we do pay.”

Customers report that when they call a phone number allegedly assigned for a Facebook Customer Service Phone Number, they get a message wherein you can leave a message by pressing 0, but also find it yields no results. The phone number when called refers one back to the customer problem email. And- the cycle continues, as one chases and invisible entity that is elusive as well as frustrating.

A press phone number is listed, but no reports as well as to whether anyone has utilized it with success. It is noted that Facebook has over 50 million users, and to me the number of customer service representatives needed to man a Facebook Customer Service Phone Number would reach to an infinite number, based on the number of complaints and service failures. From Facebook.com, call to begin your own frustrating quest. Happy hunting!

contacts available for everyone on the internet to see?

On Facebook phone numbers were initially given when you sign up for an account. Your number can be listed on your account at your discretion on your home page. Depending on your privacy settings, this information might be in the public domain regardless. But now since the pervasiveness of smart phones, Facebook automatically syncs your contacts to your Facebook page. The auto sync feature will link people’s Facebook accounts to their phone numbers automatically through your phone.