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AMazon Kindle Support Phone Number

Amazon shipped tablet Kindle is the most popular device running on Android operating system among its competitors like Samsung and Nexus. Current scenario is if there is one player who is giving tough competition to mighty IT giants like Apple, it is the one and only sleek and powerful kindle Fire. Recently it has launched a bag full of new products with more strength. The collection ranges from e-reader tablet called “Voyage” to a tablet which is much lighter than the iPad Air. Though the company sticks to the same design i.e. an angular rear panel, but products now is nourished with more power with a thinner body. 

The tablet has always been a device prominent for its less cost but handful of features. Though it is based on enhancing users reading experience, today the amazing device does way more than that. And all thanks to Android and its large collection of application. Some of its noticeable feature is large screen, powerful processor, kids friendly, and yeah a two-year warranty.You can connect to support team on Kindle  Support Number

Where Kindle fails to perform | Kindle Support NUMBER

We know how strong kindle fire reputation has been, which has result in supreme dominance in the tablet filed. Kindle Support Number for amazon ebook reader device issues. However, some stats also show us that the major share of people using Kindle Fire comes from America. Globally this percentage falls deeply to 10 to 15 percent. Now the things which we want to enlighten here are the possible reason for such massive flow. One can never deny the fact that Kindle is the most inexpensive tablet with lots of functionalities, but there are few areas where the company needs to improve. Listing below, few such areas or issues which need changes in urgent basis.

No Home and Volume Button:

Buttons play an important role in mobile devices, though the generation is of touch screen. Still button has its own importance; same has been avoided by Amazon on their device with no home and volume button.

Poor Battery Life:

A big device like Kindle fire needs to have a powerful battery life. However it only provides user with a 4400 mAH battery, which is definitely not enough to enjoy an ever-lasting e-reading experience.

Hangs a lot:

Kindle fire is built on simple motive to give user an enhanced reading experience in a reasonable price. This has led company to use lighter hardware and software which on over usage can show issues like not responding.

Screens turn out black:

Over usage of the device can lead to show such faults.

No Google Play Store:

Kindle is built on “split” version of android; therefore users are not able to install application from Google Play store.

Kindle Support Phone Number : What role do we play?

We are a third party Kindle Fire support company providing support services for your device. We consist some of the experienced technicians in our team to give our customer an optimal support experience. Our service can be avail remotely by using our toll-free helpline number. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction, therefore we don’t leave our customer hands until they are satisfied with our solution. 

The Kindle support number is available for you 24*7 without any breakage in the line. The reliable number is backed with highly experienced support executive which will give you a call back in case the call cuts in the middle. So if you’re in utmost hurry to fix your troubles simply pick your phone and enjoy the renowned service directly from your home.